Ari Sandel – Episode 39

It’s the thirty-ninth episode of On The List with Brett Gursky. This week’s guest Ari Sandel (“The DUFF”) talks all about his career as a director, which began with the Academy Award-winning Live Action Short “West Bank Story”. His feature directorial debut hits theaters this weekend. Ari shares behind-the-scenes stories about how he landed the job directing the movie, which was produced by McG and stars Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Ken Jeong, and Allison Janney. DUFF stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” and Ari discusses how this concept relates to every social circle, where even attractive people wind up in situations where they are “The DUFF”. Ari also discusses his big Oscar win, his experience going on the road to direct the Vince Vaughn documentary “Wild West Comedy Show”, and the film class he currently teaches at his alma mater USC. Be sure to check out “The DUFF” at a theater near you February 20th.

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