Arielle Kebbel – Episode 27

It’s the twenty-seventh episode of HAHAJK’s intimate sit-down with some of Hollywood’s well-known actors and rising stars that just so happen to also be friends with On The List host Brett Gursky. This week’s guest Arielle Kebbel joins Brett to talk all about her acting career, as well as her latest gig as the host of “Perfect Score” on The CW. Arielle discusses growing up in Florida, deciding she wanted to become an actress, and making the move to Los Angeles 10 years ago. She booked her very first audition for a recurring role on “Gilmore Girls”. Arielle shares behind-the-scenes stories from all of her films, including “Soul Plane”, “Be Cool” (with Vince Vaughn), “Aquamarine”, “John Tucker Must Die” (with Jesse Metcalfe & Brittany Snow), “The Grudge 2”, “The Uninvited”, & “Think Like A Man”. She also talks about her popular roles as “Vanessa” on “90210” and “Lexi” on “Vampire Diaries”. Be sure to check out “Perfect Score” on Friday nights at 8 & 8:30 on The CW.


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